About Us

Ruach Embassy

We minister the word of God with inspiration by the Holy Ghost

The Church started with a direct command from God when He spoke to Prophetess Netah on 3rd June, 2001 saying: “I am putting you on Mount Zion for deliverance… Time has come for you to walk in the way that I have called you to walk…”. At this point, God gave her the mandate to preach the Gospel, set His people free from every kind of bondage and teach them the Word of God.

Prophetess Netah is popularly known as “General”. Someone described her as “A Woman of God, with the Word of God, for the People of God”. In the words of another servant of God describing her: “There are Men and Women of God, and there are Men and Women sent from God, but she is a Woman With God…”.

Her ministry is attested by interesting miracles: blind seeing, the deaf hearing and barren women bearing children, including a woman without a uterus conceiving and giving birth to a healthy bouncy baby. Do you want to hear some more? In the words of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Come and you will see”.

She ministers from the Embassy of the Holy Ghost, who glorifies JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD OF ALL.